A universe of fake people and fake creatures.

Obscera, Florida

Obscera is the name given to an area within central florida by its residents, known for its bizarre occurances.

Sunrise Beach is the city at the center of a phenomenon of happenings in central Florida.The landscape of Sunrise Beach as well as its surrounding cities is fairly flat and swampy, which results in a frequent mist engulfing the area. The weather of Sunrise is often rainy, with frequent thunderstorms.
Its population is at 750,000 as of its latest records.
Superstitions exist in Obscera.
Generally, nonhumans are not viewed as common, if real..

Obscera is home to several humanoid species!

HUMANSThis is our main population.
We are all human, aren't we?

HEALERSOriginally human, Healers are infected with a rare parasite that grants them the ability to infect others.

HEALEDHealed individuals can spawn from any species. Their bodies are corrupted or healed when physically contacted by a Healer, and the Healed receive controllable regenerative and extraordinary abilities.

CORRUPTIONSCorruptions should not exist, theoretically. Their name refers to breaching the rules of reality.
Births are unnatural or living beings are corrupted by a Healer upon physical contact.

UNNATURALGeneral term for nonhumans, especially those unidentified.

REANIMATEDClassically called zombies. Walking dead people.

FAEFOLKA wide group of species from a mirrored world. Includes dragons, nymphs (plant based), pixies, sirens (water based), and more.

POSSESSEDEmpty bodies possessed by extraodrinary beings. Dolls, puppets, marionettes.

PORTALSHumanoids whose bodies can be exploited for traversing worlds.

GHOSTSThe intangible remains of those who have died.

VAMPIRESInfected humanoids requiring blood for nutrition.

DREAM EATERSGenerally parasitic humanoids. Their own life force is sucked from those of humans surrounding them, and especially, those who come into physical contact.

Isolation feels like a living purgatory. The online world feels like a home.
What could you have to lose?

Obscera, Florida is interesting, but interesting isn't much when you're isolated.Ash is struggling with severe emotional issues, causing an ever worsening bout of isolation. Seeking solace through the internet, they meet Bailey through a local meetup app.
Through countless trials and tribulations, it really does seem that Bailey is the only one to stick around consistently.
Despite his off behaviours and growing signs of red flags, Ash feels they have nobody else to find comfort in. With nobody else to confide in, Ash continues contact with their new "friend," with consequences growing more dire each day.

Born Aisling Kinoshita, Ash is one half of the twins born to Akane and Fachtna. Nothing about Fachtna is known to Ash, and they know very little about their mother, Akane.Fachtna was shocked upon the conception of the twins, leading to his abandonment of his pregnant girlfriend. Akane's leftover rage from the incident caused her to leave the twins in the care of her mother in their toddlerhood.Growing up, Ash had few to no friends to cope with the abandonment. Their reputation was not generally positive due to inappropriate reactions and bizarre behaviour. This results in Ash spending more time online.By adulthood, Ash feels isolated and lacks the comfort to admit to their experiences, which may or may not coincide with reality. Until Bailey, I guess.

‣ 5'0/152cm
‣ Average weight, but a very pronounced pear shaped body
‣ Straight, pointed black hair with tufts reminiscent of horns
‣ Pale, sickly skin coated with sporadic freckles and blushed joints
Grey eyes to humans, unstable pink eyes to nonhumans
‣ Messily tattooed crosses are on each wrist
‣ Crooked, sharp teeth
Double mastectomy scars, no nipples
Kinderwhore fashion, often wears chunky platforms

‣ Walks on toes when barefoot
‣ Often has arms tucked into chest unless carrying an item
‣ Commonly has their head tilted to the side
‣ Has pronounced sharp canine teeth
‣ Carries a messenger bag when out for long periods
‣ Has poor balance
‣ Mediocre strength level
‣ Occasional veins coating their joints
‣ Occasional spider limbs (4)
‣ Occasional eyes appear in their hair tufts

PERSONALITYAsh could be best described as ultimately unpredictable and volatile. Despite this, their primary goal is to aid those they prioritise.Impulsive ♥ Unreliable ♥ Suspicious ♥ ObsessiveAsh is fond of the internet and what it has to offer - ranging from certain fandoms, to content creation. As a drop out, Ash relies on online endeavours and offline sex work for income.Loyal ♥ Empathetic ♥ Hypersensitive ♥ Guilt-riddenAsh has few friends, and those that keep their company tend to be just as unwell as Ash themself. They've aquired a nasty opioid use habit to cope with emotional struggles, further isolating them from potential friends.